Allure Q&A for Lash Extension Training.

Why do I want to become certified?

Certification shows credibility that you have had professional training. Many salons, spas, or med spa clinics will only allow you work with them if you have a certification. It will also show that you stand behind industry-leading  products. Not all states require lash extension certification, however in some this is a regulated service. In any event, most credible salons and spas will require it none-the-less.

Will lash extensions increase my income?

Yes. Lash Extensions are the hottest beauty trend out there, but they also create confidence and an increase of self-esteem. They enhance your natural beauty and require monthly maintenance which may increase your income dramatically.

What's my return / cancellation policy?

Please refer to the Returns page.

Why would I choose J.Adler Lashes,LLC over another company?

Our Master Lash Expert, Jennifer Adler, is a national trainer whom has worked closely with Horst Rechelbacher's team in their national training seminars. You are in good hands and have invaluable resources at your disposal.  Once certified, you will have on-going mentoring for as long as you need. Sharing your positive experience and experiential training with J.Adler Lashes is great. You will be known for being trained by one of the most prestigious lash training companies in the United States. You may also have an opportunity to shadow Jennifer should you be interested.

J.Adler Lashes, LLC offers more variety of lashes than all other training programs so our professionals start out giving their clients whats "right" for their unique lashes and what they "desire" their look to be vs. what their stock of eyelashes are, which are typically minimal and extremely light weight. Other companies may only offer the lightest weight lashes in two lengths and that's it. This does not allow the lash artist to be properly equipped to deliver quality work. With the right combination of tools, knowledge, materials and lashes….We will help frame you for success from the get go.